More often than not, marketing strategies are about identifying opportunities and devising solutions to make products and services recognized and patronized in the market.
The growing number of digital marketing services in USA speaks volumes about how digital marketing technology is changing the way businesses stay relevant and competitive in the market.The market is now shifting from traditional marketing solutions and focusing on more salient campaigns with the emergence of social media, search engine optimization and digital advertising. With the amount of market data available for analysis growing exponentially, it becomes necessary for marketers to use cutting-edge tools for business owners to make informed decisions making and business intelligence apparently becomes a leverage.

Evidence-based data have become the foundation of marketing strategies by any,
digital marketing agency in Virginia Beach or anywhere else in the US, regardless of whether they marketing global or local brands.

Here are several groundbreaking digital marketing statistics that every marketer needs to know and seriously consider when developing a marketing strategy.

Google is everywhere:
According to the Digital Marketing Report for Q3 2017 conducted by business research group Merkle, Google-owned 91% of mobile search results for website visits in the US. This means that only 9% is shared by the other search engine sites combined. With the rise of mobile e-commerce also accounting for a big chunk of retail sales, it is not a surprise for digital marketing agencies to anchor their strategies on Google.

Mobile ads are beating desktop ads:
The 2017 Global Mobile Report found that mobile ads delivered more than desktop ads in terms of branding effectiveness. By 2021 it is estimated that mobile eCommerce will make up 54% of global online sales because consumers are spending exceedingly more time on their mobile devices, since three in five mobile pay attention to mobile ads while navigating through social media sites.

Promising return on investment:
During the last couple of years, digital marketing has been dominating the market and has been very profitable for those effectively using it. According to the Google Economic Impact Report, businesses made an average of $2 in revenues for every $1 Adwords campaign spend. This only shows how digital marketing can help enhance business profitability based on valuable data provided for marketers.

More room for growth and development for digital marketers:
It seems as though there is a learning and knowledge gap in the market based on surveys from business organizations. According to the 2017 Managing Digital Marketing research report by business intelligence group Smart Insights, businesses revealed that almost half or 48% the business organizations do not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy to promote their business.

This brings to the point two things, a possible lack of awareness and visibility on business intelligence or that a business still does not understand the real value of digital marketing against traditional marketing processes. Nonetheless, there are a lot of opportunities out in the market that digital marketing can address. But with proper awareness and understanding about the evolving and changing needs of the market, businesses need to rely on current market solutions if they want to stay relevant and competitive.

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