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Any Digital Marketing Specialist would agree that the key to formulating an effective marketing strategy is to walk in the shoes of the audience and understand their likes and dislikes.

But as target audience are getting busier, it has become a task for the marketers to engage their end consumers. What they need now than ever is strategic content curation. But the challenge to capture the customers’ attention doesn’t get solved with this alone. As per reports, the average attention span of a person has come down to a mere 8 seconds. In such a case; it becomes next to impossible for businesses to stimulate the interest of the targeted group and ensure a high brand recall rate for their products and services.

Many marketers have perfected the strategy to do just this. But what exactly is this marketing tactic? The answer is Storytelling.

Storytelling is the most appealing form of content marketing. The fact that over 92% of consumers prefer enticing stories over mundane advertisement further underlines the importance of storytelling in strategic marketing.

Overload of Sales Content on the Web
Although consumers are in constant lookout for contents, they don’t always seek out for sales pitches. They are more interested in brands whose communication starts beyond the merits and demerits of a product. Many brands have taken this cue and are openly speaking about social changes through their campaigns.

The Emotional Hook
Any pro marketer would know that it can be harmful to his business to undermine the power of emotions. Be it sadness, happiness, anger or desperation, and if played well with, it can result in a robust and gripping ad campaign. It has been found that the audiences of today’s generation appreciate ads that have the power to move their soul. They don’t mind sitting through an ad that is soul-stirring and emotional. Thus, many brands these days are keener to send across their message to their end users through minimal words but more massive emotional appeal.

Build Up
Generating curiosity in the minds of the audiences is the key to have them coming back to you over and over again. Digital Marketing Firm across Virginia is doing just that. They are familiar with the nuances of conventional storytelling from a good one. An ad campaign might tell you a story, but does it stir any willing in you to keep watching the ad? Does it make you curious enough to know what will unfold next? If your answer is yes, you are probably viewing an ad that has mastered the tactics of storytelling.

Higher Brand Recall and Retention
Although it is so easier for us to remember a story-line or a movie plot, when it comes to recognizing the dialogues as it is, it is difficult. Instead of statements and claims, if an ad has a story with a message, it becomes easier for the audiences to remember and recall it later. Storytelling is the most effective method to communicate with the audience and create higher brand recall and message retention.

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